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Hi, I’m Simon.

You may have read my story about my experience of being part of the LEAP Peer Leader Training. Here is a film I made as part of a Co-Production working group for Inspire Mental Health Consortium.

We were having a brain-storm, suggesting ideas for an upcoming event we were going to hold to publicise and promote Co-Production and the benefits of embedding the principles within every service. The genesis was an idea for creating cartoon characters of ourselves, as a fun way to explain and promote the ethos. I like to have a project. Something to get my teeth in to. It’s good for my recovery that I’m creative, pro-active and have a form of enjoyable distraction. Learning new skills and developing myself also gives me a sense of purpose and achievement, and builds my confidence and self-esteem too. The making of the film became analogous with my recovery journey itself…

The little idea expanded.

What started as a 1 minute ‘explainer film’, made using software I had a 30 day free trial with, became more elaborate. I bought some modelling clay and made little characters of all of us involved in the Co-Production group.

It was the first time I’d ever done that and I enjoyed it so much! It was good for my mental health and also my physical health… Simply kneading the clay was therapeutic for my hands and joints, which are badly affected by another condition I suffer from: ME.

I then thought of something else I’d never tried, but was curious about. Stop-Motion animation.

It’s amazing what you can achieve with very modest resources, in your living room on a rainy day! When my Peers saw how the film was developing at every meeting, based on our shared ideas and suggestions, they wanted to share their personal stories too!

We recorded our voices, our stories, which I think was the hardest part. It truly made it our film though. It’s the part of the film I’m most proud of.

The film has been shown at many meetings across the borough, from commissioning meetings to events.

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