Peer Leader Training Programme



  Lived Experience Accessing Peers



The LEAP Project

funded by Big Lottery

is open to residents from:


  Tower Hamlets



If you are interested in developing the skills necessary to run your own community user led group, can commit to at least one day a week for six months and an initial 5 days training, then our Peer Leader training and development programme could help support you throughout the process.


« « « « « « « « « « « « BENEFITS OF PEER SUPPORT

The benefits are wide ranging, including for those providing the support as well as those receiving the support, and for the mental health system with reduced admissions.

Another key benefit is the greater perceived empathy and respect that peer supporters are seen to have for the individuals they support.

Plus increased levels of self esteem, confidence and positive feelings of doing good, with many experiencing an increase in their own ability to cope with mental health problems.


THE NEXT STEP » » » » » » » » » » » » 

If your inspired, the next step is to read Considerations that prompts you to consider six questions in terms of your readiness for this programme, questions you may feel you would like to explore further with someone from the LEAP team, especially if you feel you are not ready, as we have other groups that can help you prepare for the Peer Leader role. 

If you would like to talk 

Contact us on 020 7510 1081 open 9.30-5pm 

For more details about this project, you can download our information leaflet


« « « « « « « « « « « « HOW TO GET ONTO THE PROGRAMME

Step 1
As a potential Peer leader you will need to complete our volunteer application form, noting relevant experience and why you would like to become a Peer Leader, plus you will need to provide at least one character reference.
Step 2
Your application will be considered, and if agreed, you will be invited to meet and discuss the Peer Leader role and responsibilities. If the result of the meeting is that the LEAP programme would be of benefit, you will be invited onto the programme and receive digital copies of our policies and procedures via Dropbox - the start of your personal development journey.
Step 3
At the point your training commences, your probationary period of 4 weeks will also start, followed by a review in the form a meeting to discuss your progress and any further training or development support you may need at or after the 4 week period.
To Apply for this role » » » » » » » » » » » »

To find out more about what it is like to be a Peer Leader,

please read Simons story



Peer Leader
"We learned the different ways we can engage with the service users without being judgemental. The course provided handouts and we had the opportunity to participate in some role play exercises that were very beneficial to us. I feel so sad that the course has come to an end as i really enjoyed it. "
Peer Leader
"The course was very informative and structured."
Peer Leader
"The training course has given me a better understanding of mental health and things I can do to improve my wellbeing. I am now equipped to share my lived experience with others and people who are experiencing mental health problems. I would like to thank the trainers for their efforts in completing the course."
Peer Leader
"This project has improved my understanding of mental health and the importance of providing help and support towards others. This project has also developed my confidence surrounding mental health through the help of the trainers."
Peer Leader
"I have really enjoyed the training as not only did i learn a huge and valuable amount but i also had fun meeting others!"
Peer Leader
"Although i have already covered similar training, communication skills as a mediator in particular - There was also coverage of mental health aspects which complemented other knowledge. Sharing with other participants was also very inspiring and educational."



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