How we can help you

We are Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham, the mental health charity. We’re here to make sure anyone with a mental health problem has somewhere to turn for advice and support. We want to see a society where people with mental health problems are accepted and included; a society where service users’ needs and ambitions are supported and where people with mental health problems are free from stigma and discrimination.
Our organisation shares the view that without mental health there is no health. Some of our staff members have either experienced mental distress themselves or through relatives and friends. We understand how difficult it can be for anyone exposed to mental distress and the impact this can have on others.
Our work seeks to improve the mental health needs of the community through provision of services, raising awareness, campaigns and promotion of a range of services through creative partnerships.
You can support our work through donations or by becoming a Mind member. 


Time to Talk Event

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham are holding an event to get people talking about mental health. Join us on Thursday 6th Feb from 10am-5pm at Whitechapel Idea Store.

Mithn AGM 2013

Mithn celebrates AGM 2013 with music, poetry and performance.