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Commitment to Quality

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham is committed to providing quality services to our service users. As a Local Mind Association we are affiliated to Mind, the National Organisation, and are required to achieve high standards in order to maintain our affiliation.

We aim to continually improve our service delivery and development of services and involve service users and staff in all aspects of our service development.

What is quality?

The term 'quality' is often used in a vague, blurred way. If someone talks about 'working on quality', they may simply mean activities designed to improve the organisation and its services.
Quality is essentially about learning what you are doing well and doing it better. It also means finding out what you may need to change to make sure you meet the needs of your service users.
Quality is about:
  • knowing what you want to do and how you want to do it
  • learning from what you do
  • using what you learn to develop your organisation and its services
  • seeking to achieve continuous improvement
  • satisfying your stakeholders - those different people and groups with an interest in your organisation.


To view our policy on quality, please click here.


Quality Policy

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