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What type of group should I start?

Starting a peer support group can take many shapes and forms. Here at MIND Tower Hamlets & Newham peer support can mean having a cup of tea and talking about shared experiences with people who are also looking for a safe space of understanding and support.

Peer support can also mean getting active or playing games and taking a moment for you to socialise and have fun!

Below are some ideas for groups that MINDTH have helped facilitate, both past and present. Please contact us with your ideas or if you would like to run something similar in your area!

  • Mindfulness groups where members and peer leaders share stress management techniques.
  • Creative writing groups where members channel their thoughts and emotions onto the page!
  • Post-natal support groups where new and expectant mothers share common experiences that members can relate to in a safe and non-judgmental space.
  • Men & Women social groups where people can come together to chat and join activities in both their separate and respective safe spaces.

For inspiration and group activity ideas:

You can visit http://www.expressivetherapist.com/group-activities.html where you will find 75 inspiring idea’s that can be used with adults, teenagers and children.

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