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We been delivering services and support for people living in our community for 30 years. 

Our aim is to help people in our local communities to have better mental health and wellbeing and to live the best lives possible. We do this by providing a range of services to meet local needs, including:

Mental Health Support, Wellbeing Groups, Talking Therapies, Employment support, Advice and Information as wells as Advocacy services.

We are committed to delivering services which meet the ever-changing needs of our communities. Coproduction, co-design and co-delivery of services is at the heart of our organisation.

We are committed to delivering inclusive services that are accessible to everyone who needs them and to ensure that no one has to face a mental health alone.

We are inclusive and committed to meeting the diverse needs of our community and campaigning to eradicate stigma, discrimination and inequality.

Our ambition is to become an Anti-Racist Organisation, we will be an advocate for racial justice and mental health.  Our support will be engaging and effective for people from racialised communities.

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