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Inspire Mental Health Recovery Service


What is Inspire

Inspire is a Mental Health Consortium made up of 8 partner organisations. They have been commissioned by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and are working together to create and deliver a new and innovative range of Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services across the Borough.

Who are the Consortium partners


The Inspire Consortium is made up of 9 organisations, all of whom have been working in Tower Hamlets for many years, although this is the first time they have been given the chance to all work together.
The organisations involved are:
As part of the Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services in Tower Hamlets, the East London Foundation Trust has been commissioned to provide a ‘Recovery College’ Service in the Borough. The Inspire Consortium will be working very closely with the Recovery College Service.

What are the aims of the Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services that Inspire will deliver

The aim of the Mental Health, Recovery & Wellbeing Services is to improve the outcomes and life chances for people living with Mental Health problems. The services will help to ensure change is made so that through practical problem and both short and longer terms support planning peoples lives improve.
People that use the services will have access to positive social, educational and personal development opportunities. They will also have the chance to access highly valued vocational work opportunities in line with their own personal goals.

How will the services be delivered

There will be a number of different services that will be available to people. These are:
-  The Assessment & Short Term Intervention Service
-  Service User Involvement & Co-Production
-  Inspire Support Service | Inspire Support Groups
-  Work & Wellbeing Hub

Who can access and use Inspire Services

Any resident of Tower Hamlets who may be experiencing Mental Health issues will be able to access Inspire Services.
People will be able to self-refer to the services or may be referred by Health Professionals such as GP’s, Social Workers or the Community Mental Health Team.
Individuals can use any number of the services at any time. Which services people need to connect with will and may change depending on each individual’s needs.
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Website Address:

Facebook: @inspirementalhealth

Twitter: @InspireMHC

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